In-depth analysis with professional advices for visa examination

Base on the latest inspection criteria and the applicants’ background, we will advise which kind of documents have to be prepared and submit the right documents for the application. Official authorized Immigration Lawyer on Proxy Application of VISA to Immigration Bureau.

Our consultant: Former Executive of Immigration Bureau and Former Executive of Consulate of General Japan (Visa Section)

Certified Immigration Lawyer in Japan. Authorized by Tokyo Immigration Bureau.

10 Reasons for choosing International Labor Law Office

Without going to Immigration Bureau
Without going to Immigration Bureau
No need to go to Immigration office twice since immigration bureau is too crowded.
Analysis the possibilities
Analysis the possibilities
Our specialists will analysis each cases with applicants’ background. We will offer the best solutions to each applicants. Feel free to consult with us even it is difficult cases.
By Post is ok
By Post is ok
Passport and New Residence Card will be returned to you by Letter pack mail (Optional).
Opens on Saturday
Opens on Saturday
Our service is available on Saturday (by appointment), It is helpful for those who are busy during weekdays.
Advices from specialists
Advices from specialists
We aim for high approval rate for Visa application. If you aim for the right of Permanent Residence, our specialists will advise and guide you to the right way.
Discount for multiple applications
Discount for multiple applications
Discount will be offered for multiple applications.
Electronic Data
Electronic Data
All personal date will be saved into electronic data to be useful nest time when renewing your visa.
Any topics can be consulted
Any topics can be consulted
Anythings which is difficult to consult with the Immigration bureau, it is welcome to discuss with our specialists, all the contents will be kept confidentially.
Business Trip service if you can’t come to Shinjuku
Business Trip service if you can’t come to Shinjuku 
If you are not able to come to Shinjuku, our specialists will travel to your place all over Japan. Visa for new born children can be applied within 30 Days.
Renewal Notice
Renewal Notice
Notice for renewal of your VISA will be given before the expiry date of your VISA.

Feel free to contact with us, our experienced Immigration lawyer will fully support you. Foreigners who are staying in Japan are welcomed.

Our clients are coming from all over Japan, including Student, Businessman, Housewife and Mother who just gave birth to baby. For clients who applied on your own and being rejected, don’t give up and we will provide the correct guidance. English, Chinese, Cantonese, Korean Speaking Staff available.

Select the correct specialist and make the right choice!

Some agencies which offer low cost service, however, the advices and support are in-sufficient, incorrect documents are submitted, and it makes the application being rejected without any explanation. The second application is needed, and higher price is being charged.

Some victims who are being misled, came to us and ask for help. However, once the documents have been submitted to the Immigration Bureau, it will be filed under your name, These documents will be checked every time for the new applications. It is very important to select the correct Expert for visa application. It may change your whole life, so please make the right choice.

10 Reasons for choosing International Labor Law Office

Pink Certificate
Pink Certificate
Immigration lawyer who is authorized by the Immigration Bureau of Japan (with pink certificate).
In-depth Analysis
In-depth Analysis
In-depth analysis by our professional specialists and advice you the possibility of passing the examination.
Complete explanation
Complete explanation
Complete explanation and with right documents to make sure is accurate and appropriate for each individual case.
Kind support
Kind support
Complete explanation regarding  rates, re-application procedures and to advise what to do in case the application is being rejected.
Follow up guidance
Follow up guidance
Follow up guidance and support for Visa renewal.
International Labor Law Office
International Labor Law Office
To-sai Bld.202 4-3-31 
Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, 
Tokyo, Japan 160-0022

Tel +81-3-6709-9207
Fax +81-3-6709-9208
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JR Shinjuku station South Exit 4 minutes walking !
Shinjuku 3 chome station E5 Exit 1 minutes walking ! 
Opening Hours
Monday‐Friday 9:00-18:00
(Reception for Visa application from 9:00-17:00)
Saturday 10:00-16:00
(Reception for Visa application from 10:00-15:00)
Established November 2003
Business Outline Procedure according to Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act
Procedure according to Immigration and Nationality Act
Application procedures according to Immigration Bureau 
Application documents of Japan Visa for Overseas Diplomatic Establishment
Company Establishment
Electronic Article of Incorporation authentication 
Administration procedure 
Specialist Naoki Kanazawa 
Immigration Lawyer Authorized by the Regional Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice.
Member of Gyoseishoshi Lawyers of Tokyo
Former Labor and Social Security Attorney
Consultant Yooichiro Mukouda
Former Executive of Immigration Bureau、Ministry of Justice.
Former Executive of Consulate of General Japan (Visa Section)
Languages English, Chinese, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese Speaking Staff available. 
Our office on the 2th floor of this building
Our office on the 2th floor of this building
Certified Immigration Lawyer
Certified Immigration Lawyer
Our office
Our office
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